Tuesday, July 26, 2011

magnum ice cream bars

are magnanimously disappointing!  i give these ice-cream bars 2 thumbs way down.  first of all, they are way too sweet (and i know what you're thinking, ali--it's dessert, it's supposed to be sweet!), like sucking on a sugar cube sweet.  then they are 380 calories, which is over 100 calories more than a delicious haggan daas bar--i'd rather have one of those any day.

europe, you've introduced america to a lot of good things... gelato, pizza, the spice girls, harry potter... but you can have these back!

* follow up, my bars had this weird chocolate syrup oozing out of the shell, and i took a picture, but then my hard drive crashed... you know how it goes.

the blog should be back up and running now though.

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