Sunday, June 3, 2012

forget greek yogurt

it's all about australian yoghurt (<--- that's how the cool kids are spelling it these days)


this stuff is so delicious.  I tried some the other day and immediately bought 3 containers.  finally a yoghurt that doesn't make me gag.

strawberry/rhubarb is the bomb!

(can be found at von's, bristol farms, fresh market, harmons, some targets, etc)

summer nails


these three products are in my constant summer manicure rotation.  the inm out the door is the best fastest drying topcoat i've ever tried.  no chips for dayz and it dries in like 3 minutes.  i use it every time.

i love using OPI bubble bath topped with OPI for sephora in traffic stopper copper and of course topping it all off with inm out the door.

best summer neutral ever!